Taskforce Dossier

Taskforce dossier

Bretagne (France) programme for school-company cooperation

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Bretagne (France) programme for school-company cooperation
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May 1, 2020
Schools and companies in the region of Brittany (Bretagne) in France implement various STEM and entrepreneurship-related activities, including company visits and guest lectures. In addition, various national and regional actors implement larger-scale events and activities like science and entrepreneurship competitions. However, activities and events are fragmented and unevenly developed and there is a need for a more coordinated and integrated approach.
The main goal of the Taskforce is to develop an more integrated, region-wide programme for school-company cooperation in secondary education. The 'Jet-Net' (Youth and Technology Network)-model for school-company partnerships (originally developed in the Netherlands and later implemented in Denmark and Spain) was chosen as a possible starting point for the taskforce. The recent successful development of a pilot programme based on the same model in the Basque Country will be specifically evaluated.
Two Taskforce Meetings with a consortium of key-stakeholders from the Brittany region were scheduled.

The timeline below provides an overview of key-events related to the taskforce (most recent first). Click on the event for more info.

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