EU STEM Coalition - Taskforce Meeting: Copenhagen (ANE stakeholders meeting)

EU STEM Coalition - Taskforce Meeting: Copenhagen (ANE stakeholders meeting)

03/03/2017 - 09:00
Host organisation: 
Association of Nordic Engineers (ANE)

On March 3, 2017 the Association of Nordic Engineers (ANE) hosted a stakeholders meeting aimed at facilitating the knowhow sharing and stakeholder engagement in developing national STEM strategies. The meeting was co-organised by the EU STEM Coalition with representatives from the Dutch national STEM platform (PBT), Danish National STEM platform (ASTRA) and CSR Europe of the EU STEM Coalition providing presentations on their national and EU-level initiatives. The meeting was attended by ANE members from Denmark, Norway and Sweden as well as government and industry representatives from each of these countries, including the Norwegian Centre for Science Recruitment, the Norwegian ministry of education and Microsoft Denmark. The purpose of the meeting was to engage stakeholders in or to formulate actions regarding:


  • mapping opportunities and clarifying the needs in Sweden, Norway and Denmark in establishing the national STEM platforms and developing national STEM strategies,
  • sharing expertise and getting support in terms of learning from existing best practices in the Netherland and Denmark,
  • benefiting from peer-to-peer coaching and network building,
  • generating ideas for the next steps at country level and in joint cooperation.


The meeting also addressed questions regarding:


  • Which national processes towards the establishment of STEM strategies are already in place in each country?
  • What needs to be done to build alliances and engage relevant stakeholders in the process?
  • What is required to foster the process and influence decisions at national level?


For the full meeting report and summary of the key-note presentations, please see the meeting documents.