Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship - Danish Technology Pact

Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship - Danish Technology Pact

Organisation role: 
National / associate partner
Organisation type: 
Non-governmental organisation (NGO)

The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship is the national knowledge centre and focal point for the development of entrepreneurship teaching at all educational levels. The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship works to ensure that the ability to be innovative is a fundamental element in all educations from primary school to PhD. 


The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship is also tasked by the Danish government with the coordination of the Danish Technology Pact (Danish STEM strategy). The Danish Technology Pact is national initiative made to boost the development of STEM-competences among Danes. The Pact is founded by the Danish government. Its mission is for Danes of all ages obtain the appropriate competences for a technical and digital future, in fields where Danish competitiveness and solutions to societal challenges will rely on new technology and digital innovation. In a partnership with actors from trade and industry, educational institutions and public sector operators the Technology Pact provides a shared direction for national and local initiatives to improve STEM-competences among both students and professionals.


The Technology Pact creates a national platform for evaluation, knowledge-sharing, development, expansion and setting up initiatives that improve education in STEM-subjects and promote interest and applicacy of STEM-competences. The platform specialises in identifying, supporting and promoting educational and competence-building initiatives succesfuld in helping danes ot obtain STEM-competences. 


The Technology Pact is comissioned to run from 2018-2028 and is anchored in the four ministries of 1) Industry, Business & Financial affairs, 2) Children & Education 3) Higher Education and Science, 4) Employment. An advisory board consisting of selected members from relevant organisations decides on the strategic focus of the Technology pact. The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship is appointed secretariatet for the Technology Pact. 6-8 people are employed at the foundation  to carry out daily operations for the pact. The Technology Pact is a part of ‘Strategy for Denmark’s Digital Growth’, which the Danish government  agreed on in February 2018. The strategy consists of 38 ambitious initiatives with the aim of making Denmark a digital front runner. 


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