Riga Technical University (RTU)

Riga Technical University (RTU)

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National / associate partner
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Riga Technical University (RTU) is the premier internationally multidiscipline technical university in Latvia. RTU is purposefully evolving to become the fourth-generation university that offers not only high-quality education, but also provides for excellent research and sustainable valorization, as well as smart digitalization. RTU also plays a major role in the development and implementation of STE(A)M initiatives in Latvia. These include initiatives focused on


a. Fostering motivation and interest, including:


  • RTU Children and Youth University – to stimulate the interest of children in STEAM subjects by offering 2nd - 9th class scholars informal education lessons thus to show them their future study and career opportunities in the fields of engineering. RTU Children and Youth University is a member of the EUCU.net network, which unites and promotes cooperation between children and youth universities in Europe and elsewhere in the world.;
  • RTU Children and Youth Science Center – to create an interest in engineering and natural sciences through entertaining science exhibition and workshops for providing a “hands on experience”. The opening of the center is planned for the beginning of the year 2023;



b. Creating MOOC's for STEAM subjects, including:


  • Project “STEAM Lyceum” – to create MOOC’s for high school level subjects of mathematics, physics and chemistry to make them accessible anytime and anywhere for scholars and first year students. Project is being developed in a cooperation between RTU, Employers' Confederation of Latvia and private sector represented by mobile telecommunications operator and market leader in Latvia – LMT, who has already gained expertise of successful collaborations with the government, academic and startup ecosystem partners. It is planned that the Chancellery of the President, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Economics could be involved in the preparation and provision of the STEAM Lyceum. The project launch is planned for the middle of the year 2023;



c. Building community and support systems for high-achieving students, including:


  • RTU Engineering High School (EHS) – is the first general secondary education establishment in Latvia that has been founded within the framework of a university. It is the place where the most talented Latvian schoolchildren will be able to acquire the study courses in exact and natural sciences at an advanced level to get prepared for the engineering studies. At EHS, special attention is paid to the integration of engineering studies and scientific research activities into the study process. The school cooperates with several leading companies from the private sector;
  • RTU Talent Program – offers the best students of Latvia and graduates of EHS a place financed by the state budget in the chosen study program, an individualized study plan, lectures and seminars for the improvement of personal skills, as well as individual mentoring. The full training cycle of the RTU Talent Program has been developed for 4 years. The content of the program is designed to offer, in parallel with the formal study process, the opportunity to acquire an individual study program that is adapted in terms of content and intensity. When designing the training program, special attention is paid to enabling young people in each of the Talent programs to grow not only as professionals and develop their careers in the future, but also to become stronger as individuals;



d. Identifying issues in the STE(A)M talent pipeline, including through:


  • Participation in conferences/forums – on current issues in the field of education involving leading stakeholders (The Parliament of Latvia, Ministry of Education and Science, The Ministry of Economics etc.)