Towards a Future-proof Europe

Towards a Future-proof Europe

Source / author: 
EU STEM Coalition
Publication date: 
2 October 2015

Today Denmark, Estonia and The Netherlands sign the Declaration of Support for the EU STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Coalition in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. This is a first step towards a structural collaboration in the fields of STEM education in Europe. The main goal of the EU STEM Coalition is to raise awareness among governments, industry and education, at national and European level, about the crucial role of STEM education in our society.


The next generation of engineers and scientists is important to us all. If we think about the challenges ahead it is important to remember that we need them, now and in the future. To interest the current and new generations for STEM for Europe’s economic prosperity and a good competitive position many countries already work on national approaches. With more and more experiences in several countries and the need for more STEM graduates in Europe, now is the time to build further on the interesting and valuable experiences of the last decade.


Within the EU STEM Coalition Member States will share experiences and knowledge and elevate STEM education as a national and European priority by:


  • Sharing good practices in the fields of STEM education;
  • Promoting the triple helix approach (Government, Industry and Education);
  • Activating, stimulating and supporting Member States to work on a national STEM agenda;
  • Organising meetings on a structural basis to keep moving towards a sustainable approach;
  • Enabling a resilient and future proof Europe.