26 Apr 2016

EU STEM Coalition at Wissenstag Hannover Messe

On April 25th special attention was given to the EU STEM Coalition during the Wissenstag of the Hannover Messe. During the opening ceremony Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte encouraged the audience to share knowledge, rather than hoarding it. In this line of thought The EU STEM Coalition and the USA STEM Education Coalition expressed their commitment to work together for the future of STEM talent. On behalf of both Coalitions Beatrice Boots (Dutch national STEM platform), Julie De Widt-Bakker (Microsoft, on behalf of USA STEM Ed Coalition), Ronald Waaijer (Siemens, on behalf of EU industry) and Dirk Bochar (FEANI, representing engineers throughout Europe and a partner of the EU STEM Coalition) expressed the importance of triple helix collaboration in the field of STEM. Dutch Minister of Education Jet Bussemaker was present to endorse the start of the EU STEM Coalition and close links with its American counterpart.  The EU STEM Coalition will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and good practices between its current members and is looking forward to welcome more European member states in the near future.

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