Jet-Net & TechNet (JNTN)

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Jet-Net & TechNet (JNTN)
PTvT (Dutch national STEM platform)
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Secondary Education
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Short summary:
Jet-Net & TechNet (JNTN) is a flagship programme of the Dutch national STEM platform (PTvT). The main goal of JNTN is to increase STEM uptake in secondary education through innovative, one-on-one partnerships between leading tech companies and secondary schools. Originally launched in 2002 by five Dutch companies (Philips, Shell, AkzoNobel, Unilever, DSM), JNTN currently involves over one hundred major tech companies and around 40% of all Dutch secondary schools. Participating schools show a significantly higher uptake of STEM profiles (pre-requisite for STEM higher education) among students compared to the national average. 
Description and objectives:

Jet-Net & TechNet (JNTN), or "Youth Technology Network Netherlands" is a flagship programme of the Dutch National STEM platform (PTvT). It's main objective is to increase STEM uptake in secondary education by providing context to the curriculum. This is achieved through one-on-one partnerships between leading tech companies and secondary schools. 


The programme was founded by five Dutch technology companies (Shell, Philips, DSM, AkzoNobel and Unilever) in 2002 and currently involves more than 90 technology companies and 180 pre-university secondary schools (aprox. 40% of total). In close collaboration with secondary schools, 'Jet-Net companies' develop an educational environment with practical content for the science curriculum and provide students with experiences that show that technology is challenging, meaningful and socially relevant.


Each of the school-company partnerships is supported by the national bureau and its regional coordinators in the development of an activity programme. These activities are supplemented by larger-scale regional and national events (e.g. Innovation Challenges, Career Days, debating competitions, etc.) as well as activities focused on specific target groups (e.g. female role models, activities focused on parents, etc.). An overview of the most commonly used JNTN activities can be found in the 'background documents' tab at the top of this page. 


JNTN activities are based on the 'BètaTechMentality-model' (see 'publications' section for English-language version) which provides a comprehensive framework for targeting students based on their intrinsic motivation ('drijfveren') to study STEM subjects. More information about the BètaTechMentality-model (including English version) and underlying research can be found on the publication page (accessible via the 'publications' tab above). 


In 2012 a version of the Jet-Net programme was launched in Denmark by the Danish House of Natural Sciences (Naturvidenskabernes Hus) under the label '' (rebranded in 2018 as the 'TekTanken'-programme). In 2020 the Basque Innovation Agency (InnoBasque) in Spain launched a pilot Jet-Net programme inspired by the Dutch Jet-Net model for school-company collaboration. More information about this initiative can be found in the taskforce dossier. 

The JNTN programme involves around one hundred large tech companies (referred to as 'Jet-Net companies') in the Netherlands and a large number of small and medium sized enterprises (SME's). These so-called 'Jet-Net companies' are directly involved in one-on-one partnerships with one or more secondary schools covering around 40% of all secondary secondary schools in the Netherlands yearly reaching around 60.000 students. As a national network the programme also provides a platform for companies to interact with high-level decision makers in government and supports the implementation and upscaling of smaller-scale initiatives and pilot-programmes under the JNTN label.
The JNTN-programme supports the implementation of the objectives for secondary education of the Dutch national STEM strategy ('Technology Pact'), most notably objective 3 ('Strenghtening public-private partnerships in primary and secondary education) and objective 4 ('increase STEM uptake in secondary education').   The JNTN-programme has been successful in reaching its objectives supporting the development of hundreds of public-private partnerships in secondary education. Schools involved in the JNTN programme show a significantly higher uptake of STEM compared to the national average. For the most up-to-date information on the programme's key performance indicators, please see the programme website.
Budget and funding model:
The JNTN-programme is a public-private partnership between the Dutch national govenment, secondary schools, the Education and Development Funds ('O&O fondsen') of eight technical industries ('branches') and participating companies. It's yearly budget for programme management is EUR 1.6 million (co-funded by industry and government). Direct contributions to the programme activities from industry (in cash and in-kind) are estimated to exceed EUR 6 millon per year.
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