Mini Tech Fair

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Mini Tech Fair
STEM Platform Hungary and SKOOL
Education level:
Secondary Education
Year start:
Short summary:
The unique Mobile Mini Tech Fair takes the most up-to-date IT improvements to any part of the country to introduce the tech sector to children who are interested.
Description and objectives:

At the Mini Tech Fairs the children have the opportunity to see the everyday life of a tech expert, they can experience the most up-to-date technologies and devices, and try what it is like to work at a tech company. Children can also meet tech volunteers at the events who speak about their everyday work, the advantages and challenges they have to face at their workplace. It can be a good opportunity for visitors to meet their future employers or get a suitable job or internship places.


So far the project implemented 14 events nationwide attended by a total of 248 students.
With the science promotion program, I want to achieve if as many students as possible choose the STEM profession, especially girls.
Budget and funding model:
The program is currently funded by the EU and the Hungarian state. By the end of the program, we would like to provide direct corporate funding to the Mini Tech Fair.