Returning Researcher Grant

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Returning Researcher Grant
Estonian Research Council
Education level:
Higher Education
Year start:
Short summary:
We support the return to Estonia of researchers – Estonian citizens or current/former Estonian residents – who have been working outside Estonia. The prerequisites are postdoctoral fellowship or an equivalent level of research completed abroad.
Description and objectives:

The grant is provided with the aim of balancing and encouraging brain circulation through returning researcher grants.

The Estonian state attaches importance both to international researchers coming to Estonia to work and to the return of Estonian researchers who have gone abroad to work, to facilitate the application of knowledge and experience acquired abroad in Estonia. In addition to balancing emigration, we contribute to ensuring the future growth of researchers and engineers.

Budget and funding model:
The grant amount for the 2023 call is 72 000 €/per year, regardless of the field of research. The minimum grant period is 12 months, and the maximum period is 24 months.