Success of the STEAM+ Competition for Young Talents-Fier

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Success of the STEAM+ Competition for Young Talents-Fier
STEAM+ Albania
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Success of the STEAM+ Competition for Young Talents-Fier The biggest competition dedicated to the talent and skills of young people, STEAM+ for New Talents took place in Fier at the former University of Fier on March 30, 2024. With a massive participation and desire to compete in different sciences, the youth of Fier district became part of the fair that brought together hundreds of talented students, giving them the opportunity to present their projects in the field of science, such as Natural Science (Biology , Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics), Engineering (Robotics, Electronics, Mechatronics, Electrical, Construction) ICT (IT, Programming, Databases), Architecture-Design, Arts and Creativity. The STEAM+ competition for New Talents-FIER was organized by STEAM+Albania, a talent Platform for training, Employment and Career and by Barleti University supported by Fier Municipality. This competition was the first organized this year and will be followed by three other fairs, to be finalized again in Tirana with the participation of the winning projects. The projects of talented students from different schools were also visited by the Mayor of Fier, Mr. Armando Subashi and the Head of the District and at the same time the minister of the Interior, Mr. Taulant Balla. The evaluation committee of the STEAM+ Competition for Young Talents-FIER, composed of distinguished professors in the fields of natural sciences, informatics, architecture and applied arts and innovation, announced the finalist projects from 7 schools.
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