Announcement: Hans van der Loo stops as 'STEM ambassador'

Announcement: Hans van der Loo stops as 'STEM ambassador'

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EU STEM Coalition
Publication date: 
Monday, 17 October 2022
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The EU STEM Coalition hereby announces that Hans van der Loo is no longer the 'STEM ambassador' of the EU STEM Coalition network.


As former vice-president EU liaison at Royal Dutch Shell Hans successfully introduced the Dutch Jet-Net initiative on school-companies cooperation on STEM subjects on the European stage in 2007. Through this he helped laying the groundwork for the launch of the EU STEM Coalition in 2015.


Hans has always been an active and enthusiastic advocate for STEM in the widest sense of the word with a special focus on climate change and systemic thinking. Hans will continue as a speaker on these subjects. On behalf of all the members of the EU STEM Coalition we thank him for his efforts and wish him all the best.


If you'd like to reach Hans directly, please contact him via the button above.