This article is part of a special series on how STEM platforms are responding to COVID-19 measures

COVID-19 series: Belgium - #LockDownLab: Science experiments at home

COVID-19 series: Belgium - #LockDownLab: Science experiments at home

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21 April 2020
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Immediately after the lockdown, Technopolis (Flemish science / do centre) launched the #LockdownLab, a series of do-it-yourself experiments that transform your kitchen (or garage or garden) into an instant test lab. Every day of the week, Technopolis posts new experiments and challenges on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. In this way, Technopolis tries to fascinate children and young people with science and to experiment during the lockdown. In addition, extra attention is paid to the extensive test database on the Technopolis website. Up-to-date information about the coronavirus is provided via weekly blog posts distributed via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Because young people are an important target group, Technopolis recently joined forces with the popular online youth platform TAGMAG. Through a series of challenges performed by TAGMAG influencers, Technopolis is taking important steps to significantly expand its reach among young people.


In addition, during the pre-teaching period, Technopolis also encourages teachers to experiment. A new series of experiments was visualized especially for them under the heading Science @ sool. Teachers will now regularly find new experiments on the Facebook page "Technopolis for Teachers" that they can show to their students or - better yet - perform live (in front of the camera or soon in front of the class). Based on this brand new experiment series, Technopolis wants to help teachers fascinate students with STEM so that as many students as possible (continue to) choose a STEM study.