COVID-19 series: Finland - LUMA goes fully electronic

COVID-19 series: Finland - LUMA goes fully electronic

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13 May 2020
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LUMA Centre Finland, the network of Finnish universities has gone fully digital in an extensive quantum leap. Due to the lockdown of the country including its educational sectors that has been in place since March, the LUMA community was forced to shift to virtual platforms and activities almost overnight. LUMA activities have been supported by online resources for years which facilitated the quick adaptation of interactive virtual events, camps, workshops and scientific and educational meetings. Currently, thirteen virtual courses are offered for teachers, educators and teacher students through the LUMA network. Some of these courses are included as teacher training courses for teachers in training in different fields of sciences.


One of the biggest challenges has been to take the StarT Science Festivals (one of LUMA's largest activities) online by introducing StarT Go Edu! This is a virtual science club in which anyone can participate anywhere at any time. Accessed through the LUMA website (see below) it allows one to join in and indulge various aspects of scientific research: Just watch the videos, see the instructions and carry out your own investigations - and observe the environment!


New activities, training materials, adaptations of various scientific topic are currently being developed by researchers and teachers in collaboration and co-operation. simultaneously research projects are launched to support the development projects and the assessment of the impact of the activities. Recent findings and results will be shared via the LUMAT virtual conference on science education in the beginning of June.


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