This article is part of a special series on how STEM platforms are responding to COVID-19 measures

COVID-19 series: United Kingdom - STEM Ambassadors and STEM Clubs

COVID-19 series: United Kingdom - STEM Ambassadors and STEM Clubs

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STEM Learning
Publication date: 
9 April 2020
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United Kingdom

STEM Learning (UK-based STEM platform) manages the UK's flagship "STEM Ambassador" programme, mobilising over 33.000 STEM Ambassadors to bring STEM to life in the classroom making the STEM Ambassados programme one of the largest of its kind.


In response to the closing of the schools as part of the COVID-19 measurs STEM Learning is currently working a new system to enable "virtual volunteering" by STEM Ambassadors so that these volunteers can respond to requests across the UK. Beyond the regular activities of STEM Ambassadors this platform will also support new ways of online volunteering for STEM Ambassadors, for example by contributing articles and blogs, participating in podcasts, appearing in the virtual festival (May 2020) when half-hour long sessions will be broadcasted live throughout the day for schools and home learners. 


In the same context the STEM Club leaders will be trained by STEM Learning to run online STEM Clubs. STEM Club resources are being promoted as support for home learning. The course will go live on April 20, 2020. More info about the STEM clubs on the programme website (see link above).