EU STEM Coalition - Taskforce Meeting: School-company cooperation in Bretagne

EU STEM Coalition - Taskforce Meeting: School-company cooperation in Bretagne

12 June 2020
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On June 12, 2020, the first Taskforce Meeting aimed at establishing a coordinating programme for school-company cooperation inspired by the Jet-Net model (Denmark, Netherlands, Spain) in the region of Brittany, France took place. As a result of the COVID-19 measures the meeting took place digitally. Over fifteen organisations and key-stakeholders participated in the meeting and presented their existing initiatives and discussed the next steps. A follow-up meeting in Frehel, Brittany will take place on August 27-28.

Objective of the meeting: 

The meeting aimed to explore the possible development of a 'Jet-Net'-style programme for school-company partnerships in the region of Brittany, France. This first meeting was focused on presenting the model to key stakeholders and organisations already active in this field and take stock of regional and local initiatives that are already in place.


The first part of the meeting provided an overview of the Jet-Net model in the Netherlands, the Basque Country (Spain) and Denmark. In several videos, presentations and interviews (Dutch, Spanish, English with French / English subtitles) each of the existing programmes and its key characteristics was introduced. The presentations included:


  • An overview of the EU STEM Coalition network by Geert Asselbergs (coordinator)
  • A series of translated videos displaying several common Jet-Net activities in the Netherlands
  • An interview with Sebastiaan Smit, director of Jet-Net Netherlands
  • A presentation by Ms. Estibaliz Leon of the Basqque Innovation Agency, Spain
  • A short video of Jet-Net Denmark


The second part of the meeting focused on the French context. Around fifteen organistions presented their existing initiatives and discussed the feasibility of the Jet-Net model in Bretagne.


Next steps: 

A follow-up meeting was scheduled for August 27-28, 2020 in Fréhel, France to explore the operational and financial dimensions of the model and the development of a pilot programme.

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Second Taskforce Meeting scheduled for school-company partnership programme in Bretagne
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EU STEM Coalition
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Monday, 27 July 2020
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Taskforce update

After a successful first (fully digital) meeting in which more than 15 organisations from the fields of Government, Education and Industry in the region of Brittany (France) presented their initiatives and objectives, a follow-up meeting was scheduled for August 27-28 in Fréhel (Bretagne). 


The objective of the meeting is to take the next steps in the development of a region-wide 'coordinating programme' for school-company cooperation in the field of STEM and entrepreneurship education in secondary education. The programme will be modelled after existing programmes in the Denmark, Spain and the Netherlands (presented by EU STEM Coalition members in the first meeting). The first day of the meeting programme will be focused on teachers, who will be able to join the presentations and discussions via video link. The second day of the programme will be focused on the role of industry as well as governance and financial aspects of the initiative.